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Welcome to Pickle & Mingle, your new food sanctuary.

Our South London Sunday brunch is the perfect place to spend time with your food-loving friends –
whatever your dietary requirements. Ideal if you’re happy, health-conscious, or simply hungry, our
plant-based approach is all about celebrating the best that the UK countryside has to offer. Taking
the best seasonal produce and elevating it, using time-honoured techniques to create food that’s
good for you and designed to be shared.

Here at Pickle & Mingle, we believe in a few simple things:

We believe in taking only the good stuff and making it last.
That’s why all of our produce is organic, environmentally-friendly, and foraged, where possible.
Then, using the ancient preserving techniques of pickling and fermenting, we turn these ingredients
into delicious dishes full of new and exciting flavours.

We believe in trusting your gut.
Fermented food is more than just delicious – it’s really, really good for you. The process encourages
good bacteria to grow, promoting good gut health. Pickled foods are also great if you’re following an
alkaline diet, with their zingy acidic nature helping keep your body’s pH stable.

We believe in making veg the star of the show.
Vegans, rejoice! The UK has heaps of fantastic seasonal vegetables, and we’re putting them front
and centre. We don’t care if they’re wonky - they taste just as good and we’re committed to
reducing food waste, so we’ll be using every last bit. (And fear not meat and fish fans – there will be
fabulous non-veggie side dishes on offer too!)

We believe sharing is caring.
The best things in life should be enjoyed with others – that’s why all of our dishes come in small,
tapas-size portions, designed to be shared. Whether you come in a bunch, or make new friends
when you arrive, we suggest you make the most of your time with us and get mingling.


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